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Film Work


This page gather various different film work by or featuring Ulysses Black, dating from 2007 onwards. 


Puppetry by Sarah X. Delmonte and Ulysses Black, using Colossal Crumbs puppets by Annie Brooks. Nov 2014.

The Perfect Prawn
Puppet film for show 'Fish Pie' by Colossal Crumbs

This film was based loosely on the film, The Perfect Human, by Jorgen Leth. It was directed, scripted & narrated by Ulysses Black, for Annie Brooks' puppet show FishPie, for Colossal Crumbs, 2013. Puppetry and Editing by Annie Brooks, Camera by Sarah X. Delmonte.

Scarlet Imprint Presents
The Summer of Love

http://sittingnow.co.uk In this - the first ever- episode of SittingNow TV, we present the first of four lectures from the 'Summer of Love' event put on by Scarlet Imprint back in August. Ulysses Black is not a name known to the occult community, despite having generated, under different guises, considerable interest through much sought after publications and artwork. As Ulysses Black he assails the issue of identity through performance art and ritual action. From influences such as Joseph Beuys and Hermann Nitsch as well as the Western Magical Tradition he plots a return to mythical Ithaca.

Exploration in Mythology #4 (UB-Initiative):
Milk and Honey / The Baptism of Ulysses Black

A 3min montage of 30min 2008 performance by Ulysses Black. Ulysses Black kneels at the base of a scaffold tower and, blindfolded, unseals and opens a fresh pack of playing cards. These are then drawn and shuffled and are randomly picked and their identity guessed. During this, alternate quantities of cold milk and warm honey are poured from the top of the scaffold tower (18ft?).
    The piece was intended to combine the traditions of the stage magician with those of the occult magician, and developed some of the symbolic vocabulary already being used within the Ulysses Black Initiative, most notably the blindfold and honey. The playing cards would reappear in the Exploration in Mythology 6, where the individual cards would come to signify the individual 'suitors' of the concluding part of the myth of Odysseus, as re-lived by Ulysses. This material is more greatly expounded upon within the publication The Voyage of Ulysses Black

Puppet Film:
Broken Angel - The Rise and Fall of the Westside Gang

Live puppetry film by Orlando Britts, Luke Powell, reconstructed from fragments following disastrous early morning deleting endeavour to free up space for rendering. Reconstruction / editing by Ulysses Black 2011. Music (without permission) by Nick Cave and by Dead Can Dance. [SPOILER ALERT:] The original film told a story in cut-away/flashback of a life passing before the eyes of a bank robber, who has been shot moments before the film starts. Film explanation: The gunshot heard during the opening titles is that shot by the bank teller, Angela, who has shot Joe, the protagonist, during a hold up in a bank. As his life flashes before his eyes, we see a sequence of scenes detailing the rise of the Westside Gang, and culminates planning of a bank robbery. Following the arrest of tough guy 'Toro the Bullshark' (all of the characters are loosely based on the Sharks from A Westside Story), 'Eddi' the 'cop killer' joins the robbery squad. Having almost stepped infront of a lorry, Joe's life is saved by a woman reaching out grabbing him. He then shares a moment with the woman who will later be revealed to be bank teller Angela. During this moment it begins to snow. Snow and 'angels in the snow' is a recurrent theme in the film denoting the innocence lost and redemption dreamt of by Joe. Joe tries to leave both the gang and the city and, failing, finds himself back in the bank during the raid. Eddie has already killed the secirty guard and joins Joe who is locked in confrontation with an unseen bank teller. A 'mexican stand-off' ensues in which a single shot is fired. Eddie falls back dead and we see that Joe has shot Eddie who threatened to shoot the bank teller, who is herself now revealed as Angela, Joe's saviour and 'angel in the snow'. Unbeknownst to the viewer, the gunshot from the opening credits was that of Angela shooting Joe, while the entire film has been a flashback of him, in effect pointing a gun at Angela, but not shooting. His redemption comes in saving her from being shot, before he then dies from her bullet.

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